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Perhaps by now you have checked in with us and the next 15 or 20 minutes have been explained to you.

This website has been developed to inform you of what you can expect and will be experiencing while here with us.

If you haven't checked in yet, please do. multiple balloon operators use this passenger reception area, please be sure you check-in with the correct balloon operator.


You should know by now:

  • Which balloon you are flying in and which van to board when we are ready to depart to the launch site.

  • We have built into the schedule a little time for people who might be late.

  • Our Pilots are working on the “Go For Launch” decision.

  • Have a seat, enjoy your time and watch the weather with us. We'll get going shortly.

  • This is a great opportunity to use the "Honey Bucket" There won't be any bathrooms until we return from the flight.

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