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Enjoy the view. Take lots of photos. Ask questions. Enjoy the ride.

Get ready for the “once in a lifetime experience”


Hot air balloons float with the wind.


Pilots control the temperature of the balloon using a propane burner to heat the air inside the balloon causing it to rise and descend. Winds move in different directions at different elevations. By controlling the temperature in the balloon, Pilots can use the different wind directions for steering.


You will notice we go up and down to change direction. Perhaps as high as 2500 feet or just off the tops of the trees. That’s how we steer. Your Pilot is working hard to steer to a great flight track and landing spot. Yes all good things have to come to an end but we don’t like to pass up good landing sites

When we are about to land, Hold on, Bend your knees, be beady for touch down, DO NOT get out until the Pilot says it’s OK to.


We will get the air out of the balloon and then pack it back up. Once again, you can help us get it back in the bag. It’s easy if we all team up. Then we will load up and head back to the reception area for a post flight celebration.


So now you know what you are about to experience.


Just because we have landed, it's not over!

Stick around. We have a traditional post flight celebration and ceremony along with some ballooning folklore. We have gifts and prizes.

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