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Balloon Ride Gift Vouchers
"The Gift To Big To Wrap". 

Sunrise Ride      $225 per person

Sunset Ride      $249 per person

Flights Available weather permitting 7 Days a week, May 15 to September 15. Sunrise flights averages 60 to 90 minutes aloft meeting 1/2 hour after Sunrise. Sunset flights average 45 to 60 minutes aloft meeting 2 1/2 hours prior to sunset. Sunrise and Evening meeting times are seasonal. 

All riders first time or not will be treated to the legendary "Balloonists Flight *Champagne Ceremony",  

(*Passengers can also select Non-Alcoholic drinks from a variety of choices provided) that balloonists all over the world have been sharing for more than a century. Include with the ceremony are "Light Eats" selected just for you just to take the edge of that growling tummy.  A truly unique experience. 

Gift vouchers can be used for any open dates and available for either Sunrise or Sunset Rides. After you've completed the purchase you will receive a email Gift Voucher code to be used when selecting a reservation date, you can forward the email to the recipient and with that code they can schedule at their convenience. 

For your convenience you can purchase on-line or by calling us direct at 360-568-3025

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