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Go For Launch Decision

Once we say go, jump in the van, it's time to go to the launch site and inflate the balloon! 


OK We've arrived at the launch site now what?

Now things are happening. One quick check of the winds to confirm and then we'll get started.


Assembly and Inflation

The balloon gets offloaded and positioned.

Individually we call the pieces:

  • The Envelope. That is the fabric portion of the balloon.

  • The Basket. That is where you'll ride. It has fuel tanks filled with propane and the Burners ( watch out, they are loud!)

  • Inflation fans. We use 2 inflation fans to fill the balloon full of air. They don't put out heat. We use the burners for that part.

The pilot will take you through a Pre-Flight Briefing prior to inflating the balloon.

Be sure to ask questions if you are unsure of anything. We will discuss:

The inflation process

  • How you get into the basket and when

  • Where to stand and most importantly what you can hold onto.

  • What you can expect through the flight.

  • Landing procedure and when to disembark.


Can I bring anything on board? 

Yes but space is limited so feel free to leave some things in the van. They will be safe.

  • Please don't bring alcohol on board and marijuana is  prohibited by the FAA.

  • You won't need that blanket you brought.

  • Unless you have a ton of camera gear, the backpack can also stay in the Van.

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